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Fallen Dragon

- hitsugaya toushirou -

Fallen Dragon :: a Hitsu-whumpage community
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. : A B O U T | T H E | C O M M U N I T Y : .

This is a community dedicated to the fans of Bleach who are addicted (shamefully or no) to seeing the Gotei 13's Tenth Division Taichou Hitsugaya Toushirou getting smacked around a bit. Or a lot. This often involves owwies and blood, sometimes illness and being the target of random attacks due to his lack of height formidable presence. If you are not a fan of Shirou-chan (the younger) or of blood, this is probably not the place for you.

Please see the Rules section for further information.

. : H O U S E | R U L E S : .

While this is an open community, we do expect all members (and non-members who are commenting) to abide by certain rules in order to make this place run more smoothly. These rules are subject to modifications without notice, since these are never perfect and we'll always end up finding something we knew we should have made a rule for.

What you may post here:
Fanfiction (your own only - do not post another author's work without his or her permission!)
Fanart (your own only - do not post another artist's work without his or her permission!)
Screencaps (your own only, please)
Recommendations for fanfiction and fanart - links only, please! Do Not include the author's entire story or the artist's entire work in the post, and make sure you are crediting who originally did it.

We are mostly a gen community, but we are also open to any pairings and ratings, as long as they're properly marked with the proper labels. Art and fiction and doujinshi should already be behind a cut, but if you're posting anything at or above an R rating, make sure your post is locked to members only. If we find any unlocked R or NC-17 material, we will lock it and issue a reminder. Repeat offenses can result in rather unpleasant consequences; please do not try us. We are also a bit picky on the nature of whumpage, so please use caution, good taste, and common sense.

Fanfiction posts should have a header somewhat like this:

(Subject:) Fic Post - title of fic here [rating if it's PG-13+]
Author: (Your name here!)
Genre: (Whumpage counts as one in this community, so it'd better be up here!) [AND. FFnet now has a hurt/comfort genre, so that also counts here!]
Pairing(s): (If any.)
Disclaimer: (Credit the master, here! Show your love for KT, folks!)
Link: This can also be a LJ-cut, fake (to your journal) or no.

While we do not currently have a quality requirement on fanfiction that is posted here, it would be a great idea to get a beta reader to look over your work first before you post it (or at least edit it yourself and use a spellchecker). Your readers will be much more appreciative if they're able to read your story without having to use a bad-grammar-decoder. Oh, and please post fanfiction only in ENGLISH. If our community grows and the demand for other-language fiction grows, we might start allowing it, but for now, English only please. :)

Fanart posts should also have a header:

(Subject:) Art Post [rating if it's PG-13+]
Title: (if you have one)
Artist: (Your name here!)
Genre: (Whumpage counts as one in this community, so it'd better be up here!)
Pairing(s): (If any.)
Rating: (Only if it's above PG-13, which it might be because of blood.)
Warnings: (If necessary.)

Since this is a new community, we don't yet have a full tag list. But once there are more posts tagged, then please consult the [ tag list ] if you're browsing for something that might be on our community.

What you may NOT post here:
x Introduction posts. We don't need them cluttering up the main pages; these will be deleted. If you have something to offer, feel free to mention that you're a new member if you so desire.
x Any sort of snuff fiction or sexual-abuse forms of whumpage will not be tolerated at this community. This includes rape. DO NOT WANT. Find another community that allows it, and post there.
x Plagiarized fanfiction or fanart. Once we catch you, your post will be deleted immediately and you will receive a warning (and this is only in case the piece you posted is actually yours to begin with, which we don't forsee happening much). Give us flack about it or do it again, and you're out of the community.
x Icons that aren't yours.
x Posts that do not involve Hitsugaya-whumpage at all.
x Sale of doujinshi. There are other communities for this purpose. Use them instead.
x Sale of any merchandise whatsoever. Again, wrong community.

In addition, please do not troll, spam, flame, or post anything derogatory to other groups or individuals. Any such posts or comments that violate the rules will be deleted without question.

Regarding Community Advertising: Yes and no. On the one hand, we don't want to say that no, you can't do that here. However, we don't want them cluttering up our comm, and there are other places that do allow advertising and are much larger. We'd also like them to be in line with our community's theme. So, if you want to know if you can advertise your community (or a comm-based challenge/contest/announcement/etc.) here, please leave a comment in the [ Q&A Post ], and we'll either say "yea" or "nay" (and no harm done).

If you have any furhter questions, feel free to contact your friendly maintainers:
Rinja (doomcake) & Kel (taegan_kel)

But if you're too shy to leave comments at our journals, you can always reply to the [ Q&A Post ].

Otherwise, have fun posting and sharing! :D

. : A F F I L I A T E S : .

tenth_fic ; hitsu_fans
~ if you would like to affiliate, see [ here ] and follow the instructions. ♥

Happy Posting!
♥ ~ Rinja & Kel
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