Wind (zoldyck_fan) wrote in hitsu_whump,

Fanfiction | Treading Icy Waters 25

Title: Treading Icy Waters
Rating: PG13-ish
Pairings: None intended.
Warnings: Some language, a bit of angst, a taste of violence, and lots of unnecessary pain
Timeline: This story follows the manga's timeline, disregarding the Bounto Arc completely. It begins directly before the Hueco Mundo arc.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hitsugaya or Bleach or anything else that I do not own.

Summary: The board has been laid out. The pieces have been set and moved. The pawns are scattered across the floor, and Ichimaru’s fingers are wrapped around a stark white bishop. “That’s another check, little taichou.” The game has only begun.

Link: Prelude || Chapter 25
Tags: fanfiction
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