Little Kaori (soloyuymaxwell) wrote in hitsu_whump,
Little Kaori

Untitled Preface Prologue and Chapters 1-3

Title: Untitled Preface
Author: Me! XD
Rating: M
Pairing: IchiHitsu
Beta: I tried. XP~
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, Adult content, adult language, violence, sex and gore.
Disclaimer: Bleach and its characters belong to Tite Kubo. I'm just borrowing.
Summary: Shiro-chan goes to school, lusts after his roommate, and has the power to summon dead things... Yeah, this will turn out to be an interesting year.

A/N: I just realized that I should also be posting updates of this story to here, since there is a lot of fighting in this fic and Hitsu gets banged up pretty hard. XD Sorry if you aren't an IchiHitsu fan. If you are, great! Please let me know what you think! (I always accept anonymous reviews, too!)
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